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Safe Tan sunless self tanning lotion is the sun free way to achieve a Hawaiian tropical looking tan. Safe Tan is the perfect answer to a moisturizer. Safe Tan looks natural, not fake, and enables you to stay away from harmful UV sun rays and the proverbial bed bake. Safe Tan is in our customer's opinions, the best self tanner on the market today. It looks so natural most choose to keep it their own little secret.

What Safe Tan Does- Safe Tan is a new way of getting and keeping a healthy looking tan instantly, while moisturizing and protecting the skin from harmful drying rays.  There is also an ingredient in Safe Tan which allows the product to adjust to one's natural skin tone, thus making each tan unique and personalized and looks just like a real one. 

How Safe Tan Does It- Safe Tan's instant tan is achieved by a special mix of F.D.A. approved cosmetic colors which are applied to the skin in a carefully designed blend of moisturizers and carriers taking the color and emollients down to the third layer of the skin. This "carrying" process takes 10 - 12 hrs. to fully take place, (although the color is instant), and so it is suggested that showering not be done during that period. However, the product dries almost immediately, except for the luxuriant moisturizers and so Safe Tan does not interfere greatly with your normal life. 

How Long Will Your Tan Last- Safe Tan fades just like a real tan. As the skin is sloughed off it fades, and each paint should last between five and eight days. It is safe, easy, long-lasting and economical to use.

 Benefits of Safe Tan- The Aloe rich product is carried below the skin and rehydrates the layers and causes them to "plump up" which fills out many of the small wrinkles and creases in the skin's surface. It is low maintenance and replaces skin-clogging face makeup. It allows for vanity and sanity.

Aestheticians - Offer Your clients a product that will enable them to achieve a desirable look, while avoiding the damage associated with UV exposure  

Boutiques- Offer your clientele the opportunity to look their very best while covering unsightly strap marks, sock feet and tan lines with Safe Tan. 

Dermatologists - Safe Tan is currently being used by dermatologists across the country for work with hyper-and hypo-pigmentation.

Health Spas - You already provide all a person needs for a healthy, attractive body, except maybe a safe, sane means of putting on a beautiful tan. Make the package complete - offer Safe Tan! Massage Therapists-Fabulous as a service, as well as a natural retail product. 

Nail Techs- Annoying discolorations of the hand are quickly replaced with a lustrous, attractive tan. 

Personal Trainers- Whether at body-building competitions or around the gym, a radiant tan enhances an already stunning physique. And Safe Tan, once worn overnight and rinsed, will not sweat off in the heat of performance. 

Plastic Surgeons- Don't your patients deserve to know about Safe Tan to minimize skin discoloration and irregularities. It is currently being used by surgeons across the country. Call us for a list of referrals. 

Salons - Demonstrate how quickly and easily Safe Tan can be applied, and the sale is practically guaranteed. 

Travel Agents - Your clients will want to look their very best with a great tan on their dream tropical vacation. Offer them the answer - Safe Tan!


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Achieve the instant color of a sun tan! New Non-Streaking Formula, and won't stain clothing. Rich In Moisturizers.  It won't Turn Orange and, see color instantly. Dermatologist recommended fades naturally doesn't interfere with Natural Tanning. Place your order now!  Order now, online or U.S.Mail Thanks for stopping by our page Your Authorized Safe Tan Distributor  


You have alreadyseen what Safe Tan can do.…If you've watched a certain action-packed TV series that features sand…lots of sand and beautiful bodies, then you've seen what Safe Tan can do.…If you've watched beauty pageant contestants compete for national recognition, then you've seen what Safe Tan can do.  …If you've watched political candidates try to convince you that their promises are as genuine as their tans, then you've seen what Safe Tan can do.


  • And here's a few other places you may have seen Safe Tan:
  • Featured or reviewed in Vogue, Dallas Morning News, Life Style Magazine
  • As seen on Oprah
  • As seen on various TV News articles in major metropolitan areas
  • Featured in leading beauty salons and health spas such as the Preston Wynne Day Spa, the Face Place, The Elysium Day Spa and Belladona of New Orleans.


     Our strongest recommendation comes from the silent thousands who use our 

product, yet would never admit it. And they don't have to…It Looks That Good!


S E C U R E  O R D E R   O N L I N E  T O D A Y !

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